Reduviid (Sycanus collaris) mass production factory

To promote sustainable crop production and combat pest-related challenges, India has widely advocated for biological control measures as part of integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. These measures aim to minimize the use of insecticides while effectively safeguarding crops. In the tea plantations of South India, the Tea mosquito bug (Helopeltis theivora) poses a significant threat, causing substantial crop losses. Recognizing this issue, the UPASI Tea Research Institute has identified various species of reduviid predators thriving within tea plantations. These predators serve as crucial natural adversaries against the Tea mosquito bug. Notably, among these species, Sycanus collaris stands out as a key predator, cultivated on a large scale in the predator mass production factory at Entomology laboratory of TRI, Valparai.

Key Advantages

The advantageous traits of Sycanus collaris, including its prolonged lifespan and sustained predation capability, offer significant benefits. These attributes make it an invaluable resource that can be leveraged within biointensive IPM approaches, particularly in crop ecosystems where other natural enemies may not be as readily adaptable. Incorporating these reduviid bugs into such systems could prove instrumental in managing pest populations effectively while minimizing reliance on less environmentally friendly control methods.

Purchasing Reduviid predators from UPASI Tea Research Institute presents a host of invaluable benefits in combating Tea Mosquito Bug infestation within tea plantations. The institute offers a specialized and well-researched selection of these predators, notably Sycanus collaris, known for its effectiveness in controlling the Tea Mosquito Bug. These predators provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to pest management, whereby tea growers can significantly reduce reliance on chemical insecticides, minimizing environmental impact while effectively curbing pest populations. Additionally, sourcing these predators from UPASI TRI ensures access to expertise-backed guidance and support, facilitating successful implementation and optimizing their beneficial impact on tea plantations.


Reduviid Bug - Nymph

Early developmental stages of Sycanus collaris are crucial, as they demonstrate a keen predatory instinct, contributing significantly to the reduction of pest populations. As they mature into adulthood, these nymphs evolve into robust predators.

Reduviid Bug - Adult

Sporting a robust physique and distinct features, the adult Sycanus collaris actively preys upon pests, displaying exceptional agility and hunting skills. With its distinctive appearance and predatory nature, this species plays a crucial role in IPM strategies.

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Insect Quantity Price
Reduviid Bug (Nymph) 1 nos Rs. 1.25/-
Reduviid Bug (Adult) 1 nos Rs. 10/-

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